February 12, 2014

My Kitchen Craze...bye bye Tender Tummy

Hi Everyone! I am sad to say goodbye to Tender Tummy, but happy to welcome My Kitchen Craze. I started Tender Tummy when I was going through some life struggles, but then soon realized that not only did I love to cook healthy recipes, but loved to cook and bake in general. I wanted to create a place where mom and dad's could go to get a simple, but healthy recipes. In todays day all the food we eat are processed and pre-packed. I wanted to share recipes where there are homemade and made with real ingredients. Now everything I make is not the healthiest but it uses real ingredients and no chemicals. Head on over and take a look!!! Leave a comment or two and let me know what you all think.

Thanks for all of your support! It means more to me then you will ever know!

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November 2, 2013

Applesauce Muffins

So my weeks have been crazy crazy busy. Not only do I drive 2 hours a day, dropping and picking up my kids, but my son has soccer practice twice a week. He also has games every Saturday until December. Then on top of all that we have dentist, doctors and numerous other appointments that we try to shove in on my hubby's days off. It's crazy busy and then I get this wonderful idea and decide that I am going to make my kids lunches everyday. I know I am the one that is crazy. I just added about a million more things on my plate, but my kids are number one in my life, so everything else can wait. Don't you agree?

I used to be that mom that never really thought about what the kids ate or put in their mouths. Because in my world everything was good for you in moderation. Well I am learning that not everything is good for you. While I am leaning, I am also wanting to make sure that the kids like the food I am cooking. So I am constantly trying this recipe and that. When I saw these Applesauce Muffins I immediately thought, "YUM". I have to make these and make them now! These muffins are very simple and quick to throw together. They are also packed with a  light applesauce-y flavor and then they are moist on top of it.

Yum, don't you want to rush to the kitchen right now.

 I know you do.

Go, go now!!

You will not be disappointed, I promise. Enjoy your weekend and your applesauce muffins!! :)
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October 28, 2013

Potatoes Au Gratin

Every dish needs a side dish. And I am always on the hunt for some good side dishes. Before I enjoyed cooking I would grab a box of potatoes or rice. But now that I am older and wiser, I like to make fresher and home made side dishes. I have nothing against the boxed stuff. In fact I still use it when I need something quick. But there is nothing like homemade potatoes. Potatoes anything is great in my book, but then you get creative and make things like garlic mashed potatoes, twice baked potatoes, and smashed potatoes (ooohhh can't wait to share that one with you all. Your gonna love it!). So when I saw that I could make Au Gratin Potatoes and all homemade I was in.

Homemade Au Gratin Potatoes...you go to be kidding, right?

There is no such thing. The only way to have Au Gratin is to have the boxed kind...Well that is the old way of thinking. What is that saying? Out with the old, in with the new. Well welcome NEW fresh ingredients and homemade Au Gratin Potatoes. These babies were amazing. Let me tell you something. There is something about making a dish that has no preservatives and all fresh ingredients. Something about it being real food and the best part is that they are healthy for you. I know that potatoes aren't super healthy for you, but in moderation they are ok for you. Okay maybe not, but just go with me k. You'll feel much better about eating and making them this way.

Well on to the actual side dish and enough of my rambling on and on about how good these potaters are.
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October 21, 2013

Berry Long Cake with Ginger Crumb {Cake Slice Bakers}

I have some very exciting things happening soon and I want to share it with you all so bad, but I also want to surprise you. So I am going to be a good girl and keep my mouth shut. I know, I'm sorry. I really really do want to tell you, but I can't.

But on to this delicious, moist and amazing cake. So as you all know I am in a baking group called The Cake Slice Bakers. Every month we vote on a cake from our yearly cookbook and bake it, blog about it and reveal it on the 20th of the month on our blogs. It is so fun and cool to bake with these ladies. We all have never met, but I feel like I know them and can ask them any sorts of baking questions and they wouldn't make me feel weird about asking. It is very cool.

So this month's cake was a "FREE" choice because we're starting our new cookbook next month. Because I couldn't decide and my mom has been on a very strict diet, I gave the choosing up to her. I handed over the book to her and told her to thumb through it and choose something that looks yummy. She sat there for a good 20 mins making her choices and her final choice was the: Berry Long Cake. It looked simple enough and gorgeous with all the fresh fruit.

But before I make any recipe I always read through it to make sure I know what I am doing and what I need. The only thing that stuck out in my mind was candied ginger. Never heard of it or seen it, so I wasn't sure where to find it. Well luck was with me and it was at my local Ralph's. I did have to dice it myself, which was a pain in the butt cause its sticky, but I got it done. This cake calls for corn meal also. I thought it was kinda of weird to add corn meal to a cake recipe, but the texture and taste was to die for. Sean didn't care so much for the corn meal, but he's not obsessed with corn bread like I am. I also bought way way way (did I mention way) to many strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. I think I bought about an extra 12 cups. I know, what in the world was I thinking. But I just froze them all so I can have smoothies galore.

I urge you to make this recipe. It is deliciousness in a pan. I love the fruit flavors and then the cake is moist and not dry at all. I do want to tell you, do not put it back in the oven to warm up. I did that the next day and it totally dried it out. It was a bummer because my family had to have dried out Berry Long Cake. I tried it the day before so I know how the cake really tasted. It was a bummer, but my family is awesome and totally ate it and even said they loved it! Give it a try!

Remember to visit The Cake Slice's Blog and we are on Facebook too!!
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October 15, 2013

Pumpkin Coffee Cake

Well fall is in full swing at my house. The temperature might not be, but I am jumping ahead and going all fally on everyone. Is that even a word? Go with me ok. I love pumpkin. Everything pumpkin..such as cookies, bars, pancakes, waffles and even my coffee. I think I exhaust my family with...well, you know the ingredient. By the time Thanksgiving is over, they are begging me to stop using anything with pumpkin. I do feel bad for them cause I kinda of go over the top, but that's what the season is all about. How fun is it to have enjoy a new dessert and some cooler weather. And let me tell you that I do enjoy the cooler weather. Just so you all feel for me. Let me tell you some of the weather temps we have in our little desert oasis. In the summer it gets all the way up to 120 degrees sometimes.

Have you ever been so hot that either you one want to melt right on the spot or two get naked? Well can't really do the latter because first off its illegal. Second my fair skin bakes faster then my desserts do. Which means I have to stay inside all day every day for about 4 months. So when fall comes around I get adventurous and open the windows and bake my heart out with....you guessed it, pumpkin!

This little coffee cake is a sinch to throw together and tastes o-so good. I recommend that the next time you are at the grocery store you should buy a few things for this fall season.

Number 1: You need pumpkin puree cans and I would stock up. Be crazy like me and buy 5-6 cans.

Number 2: Pumpkin Spice seasoning. You use it all sorts of recipes. Not this particular one, but you could if you really wanted to spice it up, hehe.

Number 3: You could also get cloves, cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg. Those are just a few spices you use every once in a while during the fall season.

I hope this helps you out a little, but I should stop rambling and get back to the recipe huh? Okay so as far as this pumpkin coffee cake goes, this is amazingly moist, soft, and one of the tasty coffee cakes I've ever made. If you need something for a dinner party or maybe a potluck this coffee cake is delicious. I'll be posting more pumpkin recipes as the weeks go on, but I urge you to give this one a try. Happy Fally Season everyone! Enjoy your cooler weather and pumpkins.

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